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Carefully curated offerings for the African market with a global mindset.

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A state of the art Artificial Intelligence powered banking platform with unique customisable features and covering regulated fiat, crypto and card transaction services. Declutttering the banking experience and unifying the fiat and digital worlds in a regulated, trustworthy environment.


Customisable BankingMultiple CurrenciesFXCard IssuingArtificial IntelligenceDigital AssetsKYC

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The incubation platform for African entrepreneurs, using blockchain technology and communities to access global funds. 3-month program leading to an enterprise accelerator, growing African wealth and development. Close links to share exchanges to provide a path from ICO to IPO.


IncubationAcceleration LaunchpadICO to IPONetwork IntegrationCommunityMinting through XSM Tokenisation

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Creating a strong voice advocating for African economic opportunities, promoting our community of investors and changing investor perceptions. Building a pan-African identity and entrepreneur ecosystem and leveraging creators and influencers to promote the NokGroup brand.


User AcquisitionPublisher RelationsAfrican Communications UnionMedia & ProductionDistributionContent Creation

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The basis for the future of African crypto, the $NOK token, with a bespoke wallet and rewards programme. An NFT platform using proven technology allowing entrepreneurs and artists to realise their true potential. The African development consultancy and agency for the NokGroup, building end-to-end platforms and blockchain solutions for African consumers.


$NOK TokenFull Tech IP of NokPayNFT ExchangeCrypto Exchange Wallet

Technology - State of the Art utilisation of AI, LLMs and Blockchain

We strive to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies, while focusing on providing seamless experiences

  • Meticulous. Each of our partnerships is aimed towards providing the best solutions for users with the highest assurance of quality.
  • Efficient. We pride ourselves on utilising tools and frameworks that are tailored to the problems they are solving.
  • Adaptable. Dynamic software platfroms and real life systems allow us our offerings be robust.
  • Secure. Transparency in all our processes and choices allow for a trust relationship to exist between us and end users.
  • Relatable. We are solving problems we are also facing, allowing us to see from various perspectives.
  • Innovative. Tech is always evolving and so are we as we are constantly learning and iteratively improving.

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